So Far, So Good …..

As September comes to a close, we are more-or-less on budget.  I haven’t gotten new tires for my car yet, and health costs, thanks to our crappy Obamacare insurance, are a pain, but since August we’ve spent $10,000.00, which at $5,000.00 / month, is exactly what we had planned.  If we can stick to that for the rest of the year we’ll be in pretty good shape.

Yes, Obamacare sucks!*  This el cheapo insurance we got is extremely affordable, but unfortunately it is NOT accepted by any health providers here in Macon, Georgia.  Just what the hell good is health insurance that no one accepts?

A sinus congestion crud, accompanied by a severe cough, has been circulating in our household all month.  The choking snot with the cough causes the boys to vomit; I’ve gotten accustomed to cleaning up all manner of barf.  (Yuck!)  I caught the crud soon after Labor Day, and due to incessant hacking haven’t been able to sleep well but two or three nights all month!  I’ve also only managed to go to the gym three times this month, which is disgraceful and irritating.

Despite all this, (and despite me feeling like grumpy zombie from lack of sleep – stupid cough!), on the 16th we drove to Ellijay, about an hour north of Atlanta, to go apple picking.  It was lots of fun, and even though I in particular was feeling especially cruddy, we all had a great time!

Maybe because I’ve been so sleepy and under-the-weather, I spent lots and lots of time puttering around with BitCoin sites this month.  Whether this will be a fruitful endeavor, or a waste or time and money, remains to be seen.

I’m getting used to staying home and being around the kids now.  The time I’ve spent with Dodong in particular has been priceless.  This “retirement” gig is highly enjoyable.  I hope we can work the finances so that I can make it permanent, rather than going back to work some time next year.  It may be that, thanks to that despicable Obamacare, we have to move to the Philippines because of health insurance costs.  So be it; it’s a big world, and if we Americans are stupid enough to piss in our beds by giving our government even more ability to meddle in our lives, then I suppose it’s time to find somewhere else to live.**


* – To be fair, the problem may not be Obamacare at all, but rather Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Georgia, who created the healthcare plan that I (foolishly) signed up for. They made is so “cost effective” that no doctors will touch it!

** – Yeah, yeah, somebody’s grumpy today. (I’m ill, remember?) We don’t have any plans to leave the USA soon, which, despite all it’s problems, is still “the best house in a bad neighborhood.” I’ll just have to pick a better health insurance plan in January, and accept the fact that it will cost two or three times as much as the useless plan we have now.

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