I’m a Failure!!

Well, I guess sooner or later I was gonna have to ‘fess up, and admit that I totally FAILED at retirement.

The pressures of the complete lack of health care insurance, (thanks for NOTHING, stupid Obamacare!), and the disappointment over the loss of my Tea-Universe websites, (thanks for NOTHING, stupid BlueHost!), combined with the huge waste of time that “investing” in online HYIPs turned out to be, and the aggravations of daily babysitting a three year old, turned out to be too much for this grumpy old man to handle.  So ….. I got a job!

It’s a very good job, by the way.  (MUCH better than I deserve!)  It’s only 3.5 miles from home, (I come home for lunch – woo hoo!!), and is a high paying hourly contract.  The rub, of course, is that since it’s a contract it could end abruptly at any moment, but considering that I was initially planning to work for $10/hour or less at a local retail establishment, I am very, very grateful for it.

With luck this contract will last for a long, long time, or at least long enough to pay off some end-of-year bills and “splurge” spending.

I don’t know what next year will bring, whether I’ll still be working, or “retired” again, but I’m very glad that I did take three months off to spend time with my family.  (My job started in early November.)  Though I may bitch about “having” to babysit my younger son, the time we spent together was priceless, and almost makes up for me being mostly out of his life for 15 months due to working out of town.

Life is good!

About Old Grump

Hopeless idealist praying for a world that lives in peace and harmony.
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