After nearly 40 years of working in the mind numbing world of corporate America, I finally had enough.  One day I stood up at my desk, and loudly shouted, “Well you can take this job and ….”

Actually, I did nothing of the sort.  I am, after all, a professional, (supposedly), so I simply gave my notice one day, and then showed up at work until the agreed upon day and hour, at which point I finally got my FREEDOM.

Alas ….. freedom isn’t free.

Financially, we fall WAY SHORT of having enough moolah saved to meet the universally agreed upon 4% rule.  (You know: you should have enough money saved so that you can meet all your expenses by withdrawing no more than 4% of your savings each year.)  And this is after a spectacular bull market run of the ever unpredictable stock market, so to say we’re on thin ice regarding our money may be an understatement.

C’est la vie.  If after 40 years of working we ain’t even halfway to the 4% mark, then I doubt we’ll ever hit it.  But we’re gonna give this retirement gig our best short anyway, and document on this website how things turn out for us.

Wish us luck!


Who are you, exactly?

There are five* of us: Old Grump, (58 year old male), Sweetie, (36 year old female), Kuya, (8 year old male), Dodong, (3 year old male), and last but certainly not least Lola, who although she is the eldest, is seemingly ageless and tireless.

So how much are you retiring with, (what is your net worth)?

From time to time we post our net worth over on another of our blogs, Working Class Hero, Part 1.

Are some of your links “affiliate links”?

Yep, particularly those that go to Amazon.  Using an affiliate link is a painless way for you to help support this site, (and us!), as it doesn’t cost you a thing.  Just bear in mind that unless we specifically state so, an affiliate link doesn’t necessarily imply that we recommend or endorse a product.

I’m very wealthy, and I want to give y’all a huge amount of money.  How can I do that?

Cool!  You can contact us at arph001 -at- yahoo.com, (you know, replace ” -at- ” with “@”), and we’ll set something up.  Or if you just wanna chat, you can contact us at that email too.  Just don’t try to sell us anything; we don’t have any spare money to buy more stuff anyway!


* – six, if you include those of us no longer on this planet.