Back in July/2017, when I was thinking about “retirement”, one of the main things I planned on doing was working on my tea store with all of what I thought would now be my “free time”.  As it turns out, my cruddy web hosting company pulled a fast one on me, and my tea store is now but a memory.

Unsure of what to do next, I eventually stumbled upon Beer Money Forum.  It looked like an interesting site, so I joined.  Within a week or so I was hooked on the concept of making money with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

If you’d like to follow me along on my cryptocurrency journey, this is what I would recommend you do, (updated July/2018):

1. Get a Wallet

First, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet.  I primarily use Bitcoin, so I chose Coinbase as my wallet.  You’ll then need to link your wallet to a checking account.

2. Play with Faucets

Next, you’ll need to decide if you’ve got the time to mess around with cryptocurrency faucets.  A “faucet” is basically a website that “drips” a teeny amount of cryptocurrency in return for you looking at ads, (and dealing with pop-ups, pop-unders, pop-overs, and pop-all-arounds!).  If you’re going to use faucets, then you’ll need to familiarize yourself with terms like “Satoshi”, which is a teeny-tiny fraction, (0.00000001), of a Bitcoin.

Since faucets return such a small piece of a Bitcoin, you need an intermediary “faucet wallet” to store what the faucets earn, until you have enough saved to transfer to your main wallet.

There are two main faucet wallets you should have: Faucethub and Coinpot.  Most faucets will use one of these, but not both, so I recommend you get a free account on both of them.  (July/2018:  I’ve been using Coinpot and its associated faucets almost exclusively now for the past six months.)

Now the fun begins: pick a faucet, (or open several in different browser windows), and begin to make a small, (very small), amount of money!

Given with the understanding that faucets come and go, and what is a good faucet today may be a cruddy faucet tomorrow, here are some faucet websites you may find useful.

My Favorite Faucets, (as of 27/July/2017): – a great Coinpot faucet that can pay as frequently as every three minutes. – Coinpot Bitcoin faucet. – Coinpot Bitcoin Cash faucet. – Coinpot Dogecoin faucet. – Coinpot Dash faucet. – Coinpot Litecoin faucet. – I watch videos and take surveys here to earn dogecoin, which I accumulate and then send to Coinpot.

Other Faucets I Sometimes Use:

Bonus Bitcoin – automatically sends to Coinpot.

Fautsy – uses Faucethub.

Starbits – used to be a GREAT faucet, but is much less so recently.

Daily Free Bits – uses Faucethub.

3. Make Some Money!

Now comes the exciting part!  Using either Bitcoins we’ve ever-so-slowly accumulated via faucets, or purchased via our linked checking account, we can invest in a few of the many high yield cryptocurrency sites.

**** NO! NO! NO!!!  DON’T DO THIS!! ****

I messed around with those stupid HYIP sites for a few months, and I ALWAYS lost money.  These sites are simply ponzi schemes run by criminals!  DO NOT GIVE THESE JERKS YOUR MONEY!!


There you have it: my three two simple steps to wealth a teensy bit of money.

Note:  As with 99% of all websites, some of the links on this website are affiliate links.  (Gasp!)  Going through an affiliate link doesn’t cost you a penny, (or even a “Satoshi”!), but it does give a tiny commission to the affiliate, (me!).