Back on the Chain Gang

As of Monday, August 27th, 2018, I am once again a participant in the workforce.

Bye, bye retirement!  (For now, at least.)

I got a contract for the state of Georgia in downtown Atlanta, working on old COBOL applications.  (Supporting old COBOL applications is the only thing I can do, apparently.)

Here I am, sitting in my new cube:

A shiny new employee, eager to work!

Actually that pic isn’t quite accurate, as my fading eyesight requires me to wear reading glasses if I wish to get anything done.  This is more what I look like:

What a geek!

There are some things about this job I really like.

First of all, thank God that the state is NOT into that stupid Agile methodology!  I have a cubicle to myself, and, most important of all, no silly touchy-feely daily meetings where we techie types are forced to “explain” ourselves to business analysts, managers, guardians of the agile methodology, and other busybodies.

Just tell me what you want, when you’d like to have it done by, and leave me alone, please!

Instead of sitting at a table with five other people, I sit here:

This is MY CUBICLE!! I do NOT share it with anyone else!

I get a nice hourly rate, (but not quite as good as that wonderful job I had late last year), I work with good folks, and it appears that the job itself won’t be very stressful.

That’s all the good stuff.  There’s some bad stuff too …..

First of all, the contract is in downtown Atlanta, so travel time is a problem.  Atlanta traffic is a nightmare!

To mitigate this, (and because there is NO WAY I can realistically commute everyday from Macon!), I am staying in Atlanta during the week.  That is absolutely HORRIBLE for Sweetie and the kids.  But barring the sudden influx of a huge chunk of loot into our bank accounts, I need a good paying job, and there weren’t any such jobs in Macon for me.

The final negative is the cost of staying over in Atlanta.  Rents here are ridiculously high!  Because Sweetie didn’t want me staying in a crack-head neighborhood, and because I wanted a place where I could walk to the metro in the morning, (so I wouldn’t have to drive in to work everyday), my monthly rent includes a comma in it!  OUCH!!

So, the jury is out as to whether this job will pan out over the long term.  But in the meantime, I’m no longer retired.

Now if I could only figure out how to make money online ……


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