Retired Again ……. and Going Broke!!

As luck would have it, my “dream contract”, (an easy job right down the street for a ridiculously high rate), came to an end, and on April 1st, (a highly appropriate date!), I found myself unemployed again.

We’ve been spending money this year like gold coins simply fall out of the sky into our outstretched hands, parting with huge globs of loot when we remodeled our kitchen, continued to rebuild the house that Lolo built in R.M., Zambo del Sur, Philippines, and were forced to cough up nearly $6,000.00 when our air-conditioner died.  (It is NOT possible to live a comfortable life in central Georgia without air-conditioning!)  I have been looking for another contract since the last one ended, but to date, (late July 2018), I have only had a few interviews, but no job offers.

So ….. after an abortive attempt to sell life insurance, (IF you happen to live in Georgia, and IF you happen to be in the market for life insurance, I’d love to give you a quote  –  nah, I HATE insurance sales), I’m back to trying to earn money on the internet.

For the past few months I’ve been putzing around with Bitcoin, earning pennies a day, (literally!), via various faucets.  If that sounds interesting to you, check out my Bitcoin page.  Getting fractions of a Bitcoin this way won’t make you rich, but it’s a good way to learn about cryptocurrency without losing money.

But I do need to earn some serious cash, so I’ve had to go back to internet sales.  As you may know, my last attempt at building up an affiliate marketing business was foiled by the turkeys at Bluehost.  Ever since that fiasco I’ve let my webpages deteriorate, (I haven’t posted here in months!), but now, infused with fresh enthusiasm, I am ready to give internet marketing a go again.

I have lots of cleanup work to get out of the way, (dead links / webpages), but once that is complete I’ll be adding a new page highlighting our latest venture: selling teeshirts via teespring.

Wish us luck!


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Hopeless idealist praying for a world that lives in peace and harmony.
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